Official Churchill Biography

Churchill Biography Available on Kindle

The official Churchill biography now firmly in the digital age

The Churchill Centre announced today that the Official Churchill Biography, Winston S. Churchill, is now available for download on Amazon’s Kindle. Rosetta Books and Hillsdale College has published all eight volumes of Winston S. Churchill in digital format. Will the sixteen [yes, twenty three!] document companion volumes be next?

One of the most amazing aspects of having all of the volumes of the Churchill Biography digitally on Kindle is that the are now all fully searchable and include the ability to bookmark and make personal notations. This makes it simple return to your saved passages time after time, online or on any of your devices.

I have all 24 volumes in hardback, and it is really a struggle to find appropriate passages and quotes. This is going to be an absolutely amazing resource.

After much lobbying, Sir Winston Churchill agreed to allow his son Randolph to author the Official Biography. Unfortunately, Randolph died at 57 years old, several years after his father. Sir Martin Gilbert then capably took over, even though he was still a young man not long out of Oxford University. And he kept writing about Churchill for the rest of his life.

I met Sir Martin on several occasions. The first time was in the very location where they worked on the Churchill Biography, at Randolph’s home Stour House in East Bergholt, Suffolk. They had complete access to the archive of Sir Winston’s letters and papers. Over 1 million documents in 2,500 boxes—all in an uninsulated garage next to the house. Today, I cannot imagine such a trove such as this being stored anywhere outside a climate-controlled, secure facility.

The eight-volume masterpiece details Churchill’s youth and early adventures in South Africa and India, his early political career, and his more than fifty years on the world stage.

Find out more at the Rosetta Books website here.

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