John David Olsen is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California and has had the opportunity to reside on three continents, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Paris and, currently Sydney.

John has spent the better part of his career in digital marketing, technology, and marketing, the majority of which has been in the capacity of an independent consultant. Over this time, he’s had the opportunity to travel widely, including being based on projects in Silicon Valley, in Europe and becoming a citizen of Australia.

Over the course of his career, he’s gained expertise in digital marketing, software, and systems, with a view to the continual evolution of the Internet from a ‘front-row’ seat.  

He has had the privilege of working with award-winning teams at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Disney Online, as well as many small and nonprofit organisations like the International Churchill Society.  

John persists in having a long-lasting, inquisitive relationship with technology, with a particular fascination for its effects on humanity. Having lived abroad instilled in him an ongoing passion for the study of different cultures, and he continues to be an ardent student of history, leadership, and the human endeavor.