Breeze though LAX

Los Angeles International Airport

I arrived here at LAX a short time ago. Check-in was a breeze. I think it took all of about ten minutes to use the kiosk, get my boarding pass and get through security. I didn’t actually realize that you could use the kiosks for international flights, but you just select your flight, enter your first, middle, and last name, then passport number and off you go.

The staff seemed a little overwhelmed though. They have to come by to take your bags and so they can put the tags on; obviously, they don’t need as many hands on deck as the old days, but the still seemed a bit overworked and tad frantic. Pleasant enough experience.

The Red Carpet Club is absolutely packed; hardly a seat to be had and I couldn’t find one with power so I’m on battery. If I run out in the middle of a senten…

I had quite a pleasant reception as I arrived in the Red Carpet Club.

The attendant checked my boarding pass then asked, “Would care for a drink Mr Olsen?” “Would I care for a drink—well absolutely!” Though perhaps my reply was a bit too immediate. “Well, the first two are on me.”

I’m trying to remember the last time I had a women by me a drink? Speaking of which, I’m off to the bar…

When I said, “In the footsteps of Churchill” I wasn’t kidding.