Full Rear Assault

White House Hotel, London

I was pleasantly engaged in a chat with three fellow travelers on my journey and all of a sudden, from behind, a full rear assault by a woman of a certain age and a somewhat familiar face. She stormed me from behind and I didn’t see it coming whatsoever. She forced her hand in mine and said, “Hello, I’m Mary…”

Well, it all took me by such great surprise and I’m naturally used to calling people by their first names, that I replied, “Hi Mary, its very nice to meet you.”

Just in that instant, I processed the last of what she had just said and asked myself, “Did she just say Mary, as in Lady Soames?”

Indeed she had and I had just called Winston and Clementine’s youngest daughter and patron of The International Churchill Society, Lady Soames, by her first name.

It wasn’t so much of a major diplomatic incident as it was a rather minor social blunder. She seemed to take it all in good humour, style and grace and without the blink of an eye. On she went introducing herself to the rest of the group to whom I’d been speaking.

She has a personality that’s instantly likeable; personable, engaging and radiant. A truly lovely woman indeed.


One response to “Full Rear Assault”

  1. Grant Avatar

    Your suggestive title to this entry made it the obvious choice for comment. Hilarious!
    I’m glad it is going so well, and I’m excited to know that you have so much more to tell.